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Politics on the Job… Kuppy vs. the Corporate World

Alright people… bad news first!

I didn’t get a position that I worked super hard for… which just goes to show that it can matter more that you know the owner from a previous company, and it doesn’t always matter how much overtime a person puts in.  It was orchestrated so that a third ‘impartial party’ would come in to arrange the promotion, so that nothing raised suspicions.  But here’s the deal: she has been here the least amount of time, and knows far less information about our department than I do.  And that’s not even the most annoying part.  Her first communication as our ruthless fearless leader?  An email with the subject ‘TEAM LEAD’ in all caps, requesting that we be patient with her as she learns everything she needs to know.

The kicker?  I’m already one foot out the door, so I really am taking all of this with a grain of salt.  Maria, you are a stinkin’ JACKHOLE.  Okay, she’s not a jackhole, she came and apologized for essentially black balling me.  But still.  The now I know where I rank with the owner, and it’s not giving me any incentive to stick around.

Which leads perfectly into my next update…

That interview from last week that was rescheduled for Tuesday?  NAILEDDDDD ITTT!  I showed up looking On. Fleek… Business dress, natural makeup, new heels.  I had my folder filled with four copies of my newly designed resume and references – printed on Executive Bright White paper from FedEx Kinkos.  I sweetly greeted the receptionist, because you know those ladies report how applicants behave, and she handed me a clipboard of paperwork to fill out.

Now, I should explain this company a little– They are an amazing staffing agency who focus mainly on temp-to-hire.  Everything is long term, no crappy companies, etc.  So Mr. Will walked out to greet me, and I apologized for last week.  He brushed it off and thanked me for following up so well.  We walk into his office, and he asks if I would be okay with someone sitting in on the interview.  I tell him of course… he does a double take and asks, “It wouldn’t intimidate you, right?” and with an air of humor and confidence I reply, “Nah, I’m a good interviewer!”  With one eye down the hall, waving Hannah into the office, and one eye on me, I could tell he was already impressed, and laughing.  I won’t bore you with details, but I will say this: he ranked me in the top 3 of his last 20 applicants, he laughed at my salary request, but said he can get me there (relatively soon), and he kept emphasizing “WHEN you come to work for us…”  They don’t accept everyone, only about 25% of the applicants.  He is going to look for an opening that would be a good fit, and since I’m currently working, we’re in no hurry which is great.   It was a dream interview.  We literally walked to the lobby laughing, shook hands, and parted ways.  Legit, I felt like a regular Courtney Kerr walking out of a BaubleBar meeting!

I can’t wait to hear back from Mr. Will.  That reminds me— I need to send a thank you card asap!  HOMIE this week goes to me.  Kuppy.  I deserve this.

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Steve Jobs and Sarah Palin

Steve Jobs.  In spite of my ignorance of his existence until after his passing, this man is our homie of the week.  His list of achievements with technological advancements in this world is probably the same length as that of Benjamin Franklin, if not longer. He used to kill time at Hewlett-Packard as a teen and design games at Atari until he and Steve Wozniak began Apple Computers.  The Steves were credited with making a computer more user-friendly, designing a smaller and less expensive device.  Then, leaving Apple after a few less successful products, Jobs bought a company from George Lucas which later became known as Pixar.  Because of this, he became Disney’s largest share holder five years ago.  Umm, are you kidding?  In 1997, Jobs returned to Apple, and we all know the awesomeness that has resulted from the last decade and a half.

Like I said, I had no idea who this particular man was until he passed away last week, but nonetheless I have grown to appreciate him after even the briefest of research.  ‘Homie’ of the week goes to Steve Jobs for having revolutionized the revolution.

Sarah Palin is about the medium-sharpest tool in the shed.   I mean, clearly, she’s not completely stupid.  But I really really think she might max out at the local level.  Some personalities, opinions, and senses of humor are only appreciated regionally.  That being said, Mrs. Palin may have had a better time staying Russia-adjacent.  She has become a perpetual laughing stock of the nation and, aside from a loyal band of only semi-crazy followers, has not progressed very far in the political world.  Lately, Palin is more of a personality that shows up unexpectedly, says nothing of real value, and then is gone just as quickly as she came, usually leaving people bewildered, wondering what the hell she just said.

Recently, Sarah asked a judge to extend a restraining order against a father-son duo who threatened the lives of all things Palin.  I know, I know… death threats are not necessarily indicative of professional failure.  Sometimes they can be indicative of the opposite, in fact.  But when the only true, tangible success lately has been a book you wrote about the moose you saw in your backyard, I’m going to say that stalkers are not indicative of immense success.

Whether it’s ranting about the Tea Party versus Occupy Wall Street or asking for more security, I’m going to say most of the thoughts that cross this woman’s mind are invalid.

Sarah, you are the ‘Jackhole’ this week.  May you be laughed right out of -ANY- office.