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Eating on $5 a Day

When I was 18, surviving my first year of college in the fall of 2000, I bought potatoes, pasta, and cereal bars to be mindful of my ‘budget.’  The truth was, I was only responsible for utilities and my personal expenses; I was lucky enough to have tuition and rent paid by my parents….. AND my aunt was sending me over $100 a month.  ………AND I had a part time job. So really, not only could I have been buying real meat, but I should have been putting money away like a female Warren Buffett.

Jackhole move: Depriving myself of actual nutrients because I thought I was supposed to.


Cut to current day, Spring of 2016… I am 33, am only 25 credits shy of a bachelor’s (I think finishing my degree scares me at this point), I’m exhausted, I’m a glorified cashier working every SINGLE Saturday and Sunday like a damn high school kid, and I’m making exactly a living wage.  Did I mention I’m exhausted?  On top of all of this fun trivia, somewhere along the line, I convinced my dad he shouldn’t pay any more towards my degree and I began racking up student loans.  So between changing majors about 78 times, and ‘going back to school full time,’ I have hit the maximum amount of attempted credits the federal government will acknowledge, and they refuse to give me any more money. And not to say that’s a bad thing… My student loan payment each month is ridiculous. But at this point, I am well on my way to my mid-30’s, I have a roommate in a mediocre apartment complex, and I ACTUALLY have to eat on $5 a day.

Recently, I began realizing how incredibly pathetic my life is without weekends off, or money to travel. It’s time for a change, but without my degree, I’m looking at glorified administrative assistant positions. But where will I get the money? I could make payments, but even the advertised ‘affordable’ schools want $300-500 per month. Holy crap. So I came to a terribly late, but wonderfully optimistic conclusion: I will go back to school paid strictly by scholarships. WHATTTTTT? I know other people have done so, but I’ve never had faith in what I consider to be something of a lottery. So here goes… I’m going back to school, I’m applying for scholarships, and when I get enough of those bad boys, I will sign up for classes.

Homie move: No additional debt, and future Weekend Warrior status.

Look out!!