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Oh No Not Stereo and Breathe Carolina

I began this blog as an assignment for a Mass Comm class with Phil Gordon at Utah Valley University.  On what must have been the first day of class, Phil told us about a student he had kept in contact with over the years who had formed a band.  Skyler Nielsen, now living in L.A. with said band, promotes solely by means of social media.  That in and of itself is pretty impressive, since they are apparently living comfortably in a very expensive city.  Oh No Not Stereo, who proudly remains independent, spent 16 weeks conceptualizing videos for each of their 10 songs on their full-length release last summer.  Namely, the video for their song ‘All You‘  was then licensed in order to be played on the revamped Beavis and Butthead.  Not too shabby for a dude who can’t hear in stereo

The ‘Homie’ of the week award goes to Skyler and Oh No Not Stereo.  We will no doubt see impressive things from you.

How ashamed I am that I listen to Breathe Carolina.  Bug-eyed and not cute, BC started basically with just a synthesizer and MySpace.  Ummm… forreal?  These guys make music that stays on REPEAT on my iHome and it disgusts me.  To rev up their street cred, these dudes added a few actual musicians to their ensemble, though much of their music remains electronic.  Really and truly, I feel as though they should have taken a cue from Gorillaz and made themselves to be cartoon characters to avoid the inevitable scrutiny that they would be put under for being so fugly.  Legit, I cannot watch their videos on YouTube.  I press play and switch tabs quickly.  If necessary, I will listen to an entire ad about baby diapers to avoid possibly seeing their faces.

Jackhole’ of the week goes to Breathe Carolina.  Please stop making music videos, and please send me your new album.  *shudders*..


2 responses

  1. Thia is rad!!! I received a google alert leading me to this post. 🙂
    So stoked that I won the ‘Homie of the Week’ award.. thanks for making my day!!!!
    If you haven’t already, download our new album for free here:
    password: onns005
    Any friend of Phil Gordon’s is a friend of mine.

    March 14, 2012 at 6:13 pm

  2. lol, it’s slipped to more of a ‘quarterly’ award due to laziness, but you held the title nonetheless:)) i hope all is well, and when i am on my home comp i will be sure to dl your album!!!

    May 7, 2012 at 5:20 pm

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