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Terrell Owens and Greyhound Bus Lines

Homie Rating: 9 out of 10

Professional athletes tend to have a reputation for overspending and flaunting their cash, but what happens when the flow starts to slow to a mere trickle?  T.O. is admittedly low (ish) on his savings.  I’m gonna go ahead and speculate that his version of ‘low’ might be able to buy me a brand new house AND a car outright.  HOWEVER… if he feels like funds are tight, I respect him for dialing things back a bit.  Regardless of the fact that he has blown his money like it was the only thing that could save the economy, homeboy decided to celebrate his birthday with a modest dinner with a small group of loved ones.  The dinner probably cost within a few thousand dollars (again- complete speculation), but after the amount he has spent on previous birthdays for himself, I’d say this is fairly reasonable.

I love when celebrities act like normal people and keep their priorities straight.  Way to go T.O.  You’re my ‘Homie‘ of the week.  And happy belated b-day:))

Alec Baldwin.  You sure do 30 Rock my world… your acting keeps a smile on my face.  Of course, you have your douche bag moments.  But even complete tools have moments of lucidity.  While on an American Airlines flight, Baldwin got the boot for poor behavior towards one flight attendant in particular regarding using his phone while the cabin door was closed (even though they had been waiting at the gate for over 15 minutes).  He issued an apology in an article on, relating his experience to what a person might go through on a Greyhound bus.  So, of course Greyhound got wind of the statement and jumped on the defensive, rattling off its numbers of annual passengers blah blah blah.  Ummm, the only reason you have 17.6 million passengers each year is because you’re cheap.  If they could afford to fly, you better believe your ass that only about 0.6 million passengers would use you, and that’s because they’re afraid of heights.  Quit being dumb and defensive and realize the truth of the matter.

Jackhole Rating: 7 out of 10

No one wants to sit on a bus for a whole day (or three) until they get to their long-awaited destination you crazy fool.  Greyhound, I gotta make you my bitchJackhole.’


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