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Adam Lambert and Ashton Kutcher

Homie Rating: 8 out of 10

Adam, Adam, Adam… May I just say that your rendition of Johnny Cash’s ‘Ring of Fire‘ was amazing to me.  You are a true inspiration as an innovator and if you didn’t sometimes like boys, I would be so into you.  Which makes it so easy to brag on you for mentoring aspiring artists this week.

Adam Lambert, American Idol Finalist in 2009, dropped by for an hour and a half to advise and [hopefully] inspire participants on the show ‘Majors & Minors.’  He says that his advice may be a touch more valuable than those who have been around the block time and time again due to his more recent ‘tried and true’ efforts.  Currently, he is still fighting industry trends to make a career for himself. Not to mention, those who teach while they’re still learning have the potential to learn much, much more.  I’m definitely looking forward to what else you have to offer the community of young artists.  The only way I could rate you higher is if you were to mentor orphans.

Way to give back, ‘Homie!‘  Keep on keepin’ on:)

Jackhole Rating: 10 out of 10

Now on to Ashton.  My handsome Hollywood player.  I will admit to finding your twinkling eyes and dazzling smile somewhat irresistible.  But you had one of the hottest actresses EVER, and you blew it.

Demi Moore, Ashton’s wife of 6 years, announced plans for divorce this week.  Nothing has been confirmed, yet, but it’s likely to be due to Kutcher’s Tiger-like cheating.  The two have been seeking counseling from their Kabbalah center recently at an attempt to repair their recently broken marriage.  After reports of his infidelity, Kutcher was confronted by Moore’s (incredibly intimidating) ex-husband, Bruce Willis.  Willis got in Kutcher’s face, and rightfully so.  When reports of the Willis-Moore divorce surfaced, there was no real reason given and there had even been reports shortly thereafter about a possible reconciliation/remarriage.  However, Moore met Kutcher and married the cub instead.  I think Bruce has many regrets and was not willing to see Kutcher mess things up with a woman who is clearly a valued prize.  He told Kutcher that the couple needed to seek counseling from a licensed professional who specializes in marriage, and that he needed to quit fooling around with the bullshit of being an infidel.  Kutcher cried and agreed.  It’s only been a week, now, since the report of this confrontation came about and Demi is ready to call it quits.  As a girl who has been compared to Demi (for my fabulous taste in younger men), I applaud her and encourage her to get the hell out while she can and not let Ashton’s pretty face suck her back in.

You  blew it with one of the classiest, hottest, chillest women in Los Angelos.  Way to go, ‘Jackhole.’


One response

  1. Bruna Leite

    your fabulous taste in younger men hahah Kris I am loving your blog. LOVE.

    November 22, 2011 at 8:18 pm

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