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Rihanna and Soulja Boy

Rihanna is a survivor. Born in Barbados, homegirl was raised in a dysfunctional home with an alcoholic father. Since moving to the states in 2005, she has released hit after hit, she models, and has a wildly successful fragrance. As a child, she suffered from terrible headaches but she hid her pain and refused to let her friends at school see her as abnormal. She had the same mindset when news broke about domestic abuse from her then-boyfriend, Chris Brown. I’m pretty sure no one would have blamed her if occasionally she would have asked for a Tylenol to help her feel better or if she, oh… I don’t know, went to report domestic abuse to the police. Instead, she has taken it all in stride and put on an act of being tough… until she actually began to believe it herself.

The video for Rihanna’s most recent single, ‘We Found Love,’ might be the most revealing and intimate video she’s ever made. Certain obvious parallels to her relationship with Brown are depicted as if their passion for each other were a drug. In spite of any bad that happens from it, all the two want is to be together. Ending with RiRi walking out, she makes it clear that she has mentally and physically moved on from her former love.

Rihanna is our ‘Homegirl’ of the week.  Between becoming a spokesperson against domestic abuse and laying all her cards on the table w this vid, she is someone for many to admire.

Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em.  You have recently been showing off with your new chains, and by spending $300,000 on your 21st birthday in July.  The H2 and Lamborghini you drive, while typical and not surprising, are mighty expensive.  Multiple guns are regularly in your possession, whether you carry a license for each of them may be questionable.  And on the afternoon of October 18th, you were arrested for drug possession (with intention to sell) and multiple firearms.  If I were struggling to pay that kind of a bar tab, I’d be hustlin’, too.  Legit- these are all super predictable for your line of work.  HOWEVER– I am disgusted at the location in which the drugs and tens of thousands of dollars were found.  A BRIEFCASE?  Really??  As if that is the least conspicuous way you could possibly transport and distribute.  My father has been working at an office job for the last 35 years and not once has he needed a briefcase, or even an attache, and he’s a middle-aged white man.  What makes you think that a 21 year old rapper can pull off holding a briefcase for even a second without being suspected of being up to something?  Whatever.  Do what you want.  I’m just sayin if you don’t hot-box the car or carry your shit around in a briefcase, you might get away with a little more than you do.  Oh, and hire a car service who regularly changes out their tail lights so the risk of all this bologna will significantly decrease.

Soulja Boy, you are the ‘Jackhole’ of the week.  Find yourself a Crown Royal bag or its EQ.


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