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Taylor Armstrong and Scarlett Johansson

When I first came up with the concept for this blog, I immediately thought of the tragedy that Taylor Armstrong (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) went through recently.  On August 15, 2011, Taylor and a family friend found her estranged husband, Russell Armstrong, dead in his rented West Hollywood home.  Russell had hanged himself from a beam in his bedroom.  Entertainment reporters were making it out to be a Bravo scandal, like it had more to do with I-won’t-sue-Bravo-if- clauses in contracts than an actual tragedy someone had suffered.  I planned to expose Bravo, among other reality show networks, and paint them in the worst Jackhole light ever.  Unfortunately, after some research, I learned that this really had nothing to do with cameras or limelight.  This was something that happened due to real-life choices and grievances.

It is incredibly terrible that someone would have to suffer this kind of heartbreak after already in the public eye.  Not to mention the fact that this happened not too long after Russell had apparently seen an x-ray of Taylor’s skull.  Reports after Russell’s death claim that Russell had abused Taylor almost two dozen times during the course of their marriage, once during her pregnancy with their daughter. According to Taylor, she doesn’t think Russell saw himself as an abuser until he saw the incredible damage that the most recent occurrence had caused.  Shortly thereafter, he missed a scheduled meeting with his estranged wife and was not answering his phone.  Fearing the worst, Taylor and a family friend went to check on him, only to find him passed away inside.

This week, our ‘Homie‘ title goes to Taylor. I know you loved your husband, and my heart goes out to you and your family at this time.

Now, for something on a lighter note.  Scarlett Johansson.  Oh, how I already loathed thee.  And now, you have to stoop so low as to involve the FBI in the matter of your phone being hacked??  Are you insane?! Our country needs every dollar it can possibly hang onto and you’re asking our tax payers to find the people who publicized your nude photos? Guess what, hussie! You’re famous. If you take nude photos, make a sex tape, or even sext someone, it’s getting leaked! End of story. Don’t be so idiotic as to think that you are the ONE invincible celebrity who will escape that fate. Not to mention the fact that you should be happy. All press is good press, no? I was beginning to forget about you. Had it not been for the hacking of your phone, I would have been happy never hearing your name again. Mila Kunis (who I would never forget) went through the same situation not too long ago, and she has no comment. If you want to keep these things off of the public’s mind: lay low, RE: with ‘no comment,’ and call your rep to dig you out of this embarrassment. You could learn something from Ms. Kunis, you spoiled little shit.

‘Jackhole’ of the week goes to you, Scarlett. As if I needed one more reason to hate you.


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