today's pop culture -in sum- by Kuppy

About Kuppy

Growing up, I didn’t have a ton of friends.  And my mother, bless her heart, raised two daughters as a single parent.  Which meant that, in order for her to put food on the table, pay the mortgage, etc, she had to work long hours every week.  Even after the three of us cleaned up after dinner, my mother was so exhausted that she would immediately turn on the tv set.  Consequently, I was raised by the television; all of my life lessons came from the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and Nick at Nite.  Before and after school, Saturday mornings, you name it.  I had my schedule of shows and nothing was going to interrupt it.  The late 80’s version of Pooh’s Corner (Winnie the Pooh) was how I learned to set a table.   As I hit adolescence and the inevitable Saved-By-the-Bell age, my preference evolved into channels like TBS, WGN, and of course MTV and VH1.  Pop culture became my world.

Following suit, I now use television as a way to unwind from my day.  These days, my shows are primarily on Style, E!, and Bravo.  (There ARE shows that I watch which are more educational and mentally stimulating, however, they add nothing to the purpose of this blog.)  Consequently, I have watched a ridiculous number of stars dating back to Fergie’s big break on Kids Incorporated.

I love reading magazines on the different stars’ lives, watching what they do with their fame.  True to form with most Americans, I ignore Cameron Diaz when she preaches about saving the planet (although I really do support her efforts), and I melt with happiness when Lindsay Lohan has an incredibly public breakdown.

Given my history, I feel incredibly qualified not only to judge, but also to qualify celebrities.  They have put themselves under a magnifying glass by making their lives public, thus I feel no shame in my opinions.  And so, folks, I give you: Homies and Jackholes… a series of blogs in which I will pass judgment and place celebrities (A-List to D-List) into one category or the other based on current activity in their lives.


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